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Privacy Policies of A Woman's Place

This document describes our current privacy practices. Maintaining our patients' trust and confidence is a high priority and our practice will adhere to the standards set forth in the Notice of Privacy Practices of A Woman's Place.
We keep strict guidelines to protect confidentiality. We use technology to manage and maintain information. We have many safeguards to secure patient information from unauthorized access. Only individuals having a legitimate need will be granted access to a patient's record. We do not disclose information to other companies, with the exception of those who do business with us. These companies have also contractually agreed to uphold our privacy regulations.
The personal information that we maintain on our patients is necessary to provide the best medical care possible. We collect this information from our patients either directly in person, by mail, telephonically, or by computer. We also receive information from other medical professionals and via insurance companies.
In the course of conducting our business, there are circumstances in which we may disclose to other parties information that we possess. This information is only released as permitted by law. Examples of to whom these disclosures are released to include: insurance companies, other physician offices, hospitals, and governmental authorities. Whenever we use non-affiliated businesses to assist us, we require them to maintain the confidentiality of personal information and abide by all privacy laws. We do not authorize these parties to use or disclose information for any purpose other than for the work they are performing on our behalf or as required by law. Should a valued patient relationship with our practice end, we will continue to limit any disclosures in accordance with our privacy policy.
Information we collect about patient's health information will be kept in an electronic medical record safeguarded with security measures restricting access to employees to see only the information necessary for them to do their job. Our practice will not disclose data unless the patient/guardian has properly consented to or authorized the release or unless we are authorized to do so by law.
All of our employees must adhere to this policy. Our practice does not tolerate violations of this policy. Violation is grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment and criminal or professional sanctions in accordance with our practice's personnel policies and regulations. Our practice may edit this policy in the future. Any changes will be effective upon the release of a revised privacy policy and will be made available to patients upon request. This document is in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 8/96.
* Revised 11/1/2007 *

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